We Care

We operate just like - Kingsley’s, Mrs do as you would be done by ! 

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We care about our staff…… We listen to them, we involve them, empower them, promote them, train them and understand them !

We care about our customers…… We treat them with respect, we hear them and respond to their comments, we show interest in them and we value them !

We care about our suppliers……… We treat them fairly and with integrity, we honour our business agreements, we extend and expect support, we don’t ask them to do anything we are not proud of !

We care about the environment……… We support our clients’ policies, we recycle at all our locations, we champion  biodegradable packaging, we design kitchens using energy efficient equipment, we encourage a one stop shop ethos to reduce mileage, we use resources with thought and we operate from carbon neutral offices……… even our oil supplier converts our recycling process into the equivalent carbon emission savings !