Every Penny Is a Prisoner!

As a business our existence relies on companies outsourcing services such as the food provision, it is therefore strange that most catering contractors keep their support services in house

Again we keep it simple. We outsource billing, training, health and hygiene support, payroll and marketing – why should our clients pay for expensive services and resource which they may never use. We feel we have a duty to be frugal at Argent.



This core value applies particually to the way we purchase food, promoting wherever possible locally produced, grown and sourced food.

We have a flexibility to negotiate deals which benefit our clients, and not generate discounts to the detriment of quality and availability. Our managers are empowered, and given choice, not tied to a “one size fits all” solution.

Whether it’s your money or ours! We keep it lean and mean behind the scenes because we know we have an obligation to our clients to give them the best value for money in the industry.