ARGENT & HARC Homeless & Rootless at Christmas

Anna Storr – Argent Catering Manager talks about her experience working with HARC in Sheffield as the catering lead.

“For me it was an amazing experience not only for the fact it got me out of the village where I live, and into a city which for me is something I find quite scary, but scared I should not of been I met some really genuinely helpful and grateful people.

The generosity of the general public and local businesses is outstanding.

The volunteers I worked alongside were absolutely fantastic and adjusted to a busy working kitchen admirably.

The guests we served everyday really did appreciate the food that was been cooked and served to them from fantastic comments, hugs and thanks whenever I saw them, then making a card for the” Top Chefs” in the kitchen they had written.

I was sad to leave on my final day, if I could of stayed at the project forever I would of done”

Argent is proud to have supported HARC for the last two years  

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